Post-natal massage Q&A

1Q. What is Bliss Mums Jamu post-natal treatment?

A: After 3 years of Research and Development, we successfully created the proprietary Jamu and Royal formulation that greatly improves the efficacy of postpartum detox and care for the womb. Active ingredients including lemongrass, turmeric, Thai ginger and tamarind, are very effective in expelling wind and water retention from the body. We adopt a natural holistic approach to post-natal care which starts with our Jamu post-natal massage that incorporates a mixture of meridian massage techniques together with our proprietary Jamu oil and Bengkung wrap accelerates the recovery after birth.

2 Q. When can C-section mothers do massage ?

A: For C-section mummies, tummy trimming can only start 4-5 weeks later or prior to gynae approval. As for lactation massage and relieving of body aches, the massage can start 5 days after C-section.

3 Q. Do you offer house visits for post-natal massage?

A: Yes, we do provide home-based treatments. You may also like to enjoy our services at BlissMums outlet at Pacific Plaza #03-03.